Learning Resources

Dig into the methods and practice of researching and improving experiences.

What's included: 

Cases on customer and employee research

Cheat sheets on the basics of research 

Basics of mobile ethnography

  • How do I decide what question I want to research? 
  • What are the different methods that I can use to research customer or employee experience? 
  • Who are the relevant people for the project? 
  • Why should I invest time in these types of projects?

Basics of Research

See how other organizations researched customer or employee experience in different areas:

  • government
  • food
  • employees 
  • tourism

Case Studies

  • What is mobile ethnography?
  • What can I expect to get out of this research method?
  • When can I use mobile ethnography?
  • What steps should I consider when using this method? 

Basics of Mobile Ethnography



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